The Carry Trade: A Lesson in Foreign Exchange Trading

Profitable foreign exchange (Forex) trading strategies are available around the clock. With this method, you can profit even if there is no change in the underlying currency pair.

Smart money managers, such as those at multi-billion dollar investment firms, worldwide hedge fund managers, and individual forex traders, all love this method.

The “carry trade” is the tactic being used.

In order to make a carry trade, one must buy a currency with a high interest rate and sell a currency with a lower interest rate. The interest rate differential is the amount by which you profit from the two differing interest rates.

The target currency is the one with the greater interest rate. The funding currency is the one with the lower interest rate.

This is how it functions:

Assume you need money and thus borrow it from a bank. You borrow US$10,000 from a financial institution at 4% interest.

As you leave the bank after finishing your loan, you see that a competitor is offering a 6% interest rate on deposits. You decide to put your faith in your good fortune and put the borrowed funds in the bank.

This will allow you to collect the 2% annual interest rate differential. As a result, you get $200 for doing nothing.

The 2%, or $200 annually, is not a lot of money. However, this interest rate gap is monumental in the foreign exchange market. As a result of the forex market’s high levels of leverage and the regularity with which we receive interest rate payments, carry trading is among the most rewarding investment options available. The premise behind the carry trade is straightforward. One simply seeks to pair a currency with a greater yield against a currency with a lower yield.

You should invest in the currency of a country where interest rates are increasing because that economy is doing well. The British pound, the Australian dollar, and the New Zealand dollar are three examples of traditional target currencies.
On the other hand, selling the currency of a country whose economy is weakening and whose interest rates are falling is the best course of action. When one of the aforementioned target currencies is pegged to one of the common funding currencies, such the Swiss franc or Japanese yen, the economic conditions are optimal. When the economy and government are stable, the carry trade thrives. However, one cannot always rely on these requirements being met.

Many traders, especially large financial institutions like commercial banks and multibillion dollar hedge funds, get into hot water as a result of the carry trade because of excessive leverage or a disproportionate allocation of capital. But I will show you how to be safe from financial disaster. I can instruct you on how to maintain diversification, how much leverage to employ, and when to enter and exit a carry trade.

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