Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders Through Leadership Education: Seven Suggestions

Obviously, the dream of every parent is for their child to do great things. Our thoughts have often wandered to how wonderful their adult lives will be. Our hope is that they will be even more successful than we have been.

God has already provided all they need to be prosperous and outstanding, but few of us know this. Each of our children has a special role to play in God’s plan for this world.

It is our job to show them the way.

Overwhelmed? True. There are days when the orderliness of this world seems impossible compared to our own daily routine.

But there are rules we may stick to that will ensure our success:

First and foremost, stay in direct communion with God. No matter how hectic your day may be, make it a point to spend time reading the Bible and praying. God alone knows the best path for your kid’s development. Tune your ears to His call. For unrivalled achievement in every facet of your life, follow this strategy.

2) Look into the Bible and see what blessings God has in store for your kids. If you have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord, you are in a Covenant relationship with the Triune God. To have done so is to have entered into a binding agreement with Him for the rest of your life. The assurances are also included.

Read Isaiah 54:13 as a starting point. The Lord will instruct everyone of your children, and your offspring will grow up to be peaceful, thriving adults.

Ah, that is good news. He will be their teacher.

My personal favourite reads: “Their offspring shall be known among the Gentiles, and their descendants among the people.” Everyone who sees them will realise that they are descendants whom God has blessed. Isaiah 61:9

Remember these Scriptures by reading them over and over.

Put them up on the walls of your home, or even better, commit them to memory. Faith alone is sufficient to receive God’s promises, and faith is nurtured by regular exposure to the Bible. Those who put their faith in Christ will be saved (Romans 10:17)

Claim those Scriptures and speak them over your precious kid or daughter’s life the next time you are frustrated with them. God is trustworthy, and He never goes back on His word.
The third piece of advice is to provide a positive example for them to follow. Your kids are observing you whether you like it or not. Possibly, you will have to make some adjustments. However, it is not too difficult. It is not something you should try to solve on your own. You are wasting your time. You can rely on God’s grace, His divine and supernatural power, to help you alter your character flaws.

Your life will be profoundly altered if you spend time every day with the most generous being in the cosmos. What happens to you is beyond of your control. You will start to develop qualities like patience and love as you gain experience and maturity.

  1. Discuss renowned leaders’ lives by reading their biographies. Try to have as much pleasure as possible right now. Pick up an excellent book. Relax on the couch and be amazed at the incredible things that people have accomplished throughout history.

It is inevitable that conversations concerning the book will come up. Do not interrupt them or try to force your views on them. Which means

stir up their thoughts. By breaking down the hero’s successes and failings, you may show your students how to apply the teachings of the Bible to their own lives.

Fifthly, let them have plenty of time to explore their own interests. This will provide a natural environment in which their gifts from God can flourish. Do not overschedule them with meaningless activities. Leave them alone for long stretches of time and let them discover their own interests.

The classic time wasters and brain killers, television and video games, should be limited.

Find out what they are good at and encourage it. If you notice a skill developing in them, be sure to bring it up in conversation. God is revealing something to you about his intentions for your kids. Let them know how much you appreciate their efforts by telling them how great they are. Assist them in honing their innate abilities. Inspiring a love of learning in your child is the first step in helping them become self-reliant and successful adults.

Never force someone to accomplish more than they are capable of. Kids come in diverse shapes and sizes, so you can not give them the same treatment. My oldest learned to read at age four, and my youngest did not pick it up until she was fourteen. And it is fine, too. They have each written several books and are actively pursuing more education, albeit at different paces.

  1. Effective leaders can only succeed with the help of capable guides. Pick your educators carefully. Provide a good mentor for your children if you feel the need to turn to someone other than yourself as a teacher. An effective mentor should:

One who is very knowledgeable in his specialty.

Maintain a good moral standing.

o Be an excellent communicator.

Open and honest about his methods.

8.- A capable leader must be ready to assess and address actual problems. Communicate with your kid as much as possible. Explain your predicament, the options before you, and your plan of action.

Just be honest and open about it. They will see that even grownups blunder sometimes and that the key is to take the experience and use it moving forward. They will be more equipped to evaluate and address practical challenges as a result. In addition, this is a wonderful chance to impart to children the knowledge found in the Bible.

No. 9: Effective leaders are those who are served, whereas abusive ones are those who are in charge. Instill in your kids a spirit of giving. Instead of drowning them in toys, teach them to be a blessing to others. Probably the largest error well-intentioned parents make in today’s consumer-focused society is letting their kids wallow in self-indulgence.

Instruct them to be generous and helpful to others. You can begin at home by giving kids responsibilities around the house. This is the most effective strategy for shaping one’s personality. Focus on the motivations behind their behaviour rather than just their actions. This is certainly not easy. It will take time for them to adjust their mindset, but eventually they will.

Ten.-Play and show your affection for one another. While every parent undoubtedly cherishes their offspring, not every youngster necessarily feels this adoration on the part of their parents. Give them your whole attention. Even when they are adults, they will still love you and listen to what you have to say.

“In one hundred years, it will not make a difference what kind of house you had, what kind of automobile you drove, or how much money was in your bank account. But perhaps things will be different in the future because of the impact you have on a kid’s life.

I would want to offer my assistance in figuring out how to instil in your kids a sense of initiative, an appreciation for hard work, and a thirst for knowledge. For advice and resources to help you develop your own learning method, check out []. My FREE e-book, The Power of Self-Directed Learning, and my FREE e-course, Seven Steps to Consistently Change Your Life, will teach you how to teach yourself anything you want, whenever you want.

From Bettina Langerfeldt, who finds fulfilment in encouraging others to use self-directed learning to develop their unique set of God-given abilities.

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