Learning to Trade Forex – If you want to know if you have a shot at winning, the answer is here.

You may quickly and confidently determine your odds of success in foreign exchange trading by answering this question. The correct response will reveal whether you are among the elite few who routinely achieve significant success.

So, the query is

In the financial markets, what EXACTLY sets you apart from the competition? To what extent does your forex trading technique differentiate you from the great majority of losers?

Please keep in mind that a trading advantage is NOT any of the following as you consider the above questions. Here are some popular responses; if you think any of them will offer you an advantage in the markets, you are mistaken.

Since the forex trading system I purchased from the vendor showed a profit during back testing, I have high hopes that it would also provide positive results in the real market.

Day trading and scalping are two trading strategies that I am competent at.

I am paying attention to reports in the media and taking suggestions from professionals.

I am making market predictions based on a scientific premise.

  • I am confident because I have won money in a practise account.

I am smart and diligent, therefore obviously I will be successful.

I am employing a highly sophisticated trading strategy that I have back tested extensively to ensure its efficacy.

NOT ONE of the aforementioned features is a competitive advantage in the market. These ideas are widely believed yet always end in disaster.

The very first thing to bear in mind is that you, and no one else, are in charge of your own fate. Moreover, even if you get wonderful advise, you need to master the fundamentals of how and why the advice will work for you, or else you will never follow it with discipline.

Smartness is of little use either. You do not get paid to be smart in trading; you get paid to be correct. What is more, if you make your trading system too complex, it will fail in the harsh real world of trading.

You can hardly expect to become successful in trading without first developing and consistently applying a simple, robust strategy in which you have full faith.

In order to do the aforementioned, you must construct a system of rules in which you have full faith and the self-discipline to consistently execute them.

Having a reliable system and the discipline to stick to it are both essential to making money in forex.

The truth is that anyone can learn to trade, and if you can get beyond the myths, your own emotions will be the only thing standing between you and financial success. If you want to succeed in foreign exchange trading, you need to develop characteristics that are out of the ordinary:

Ability to Think and Act Independently

It is difficult for us to do this since we are social creatures who have relied on our tribes since prehistoric times. However, it is a surefire way to fail at forex trading if you follow the herd.

If you want to play by your own set of rules, you will have to create them yourself.

Because they are so accustomed to following the rules, most people are incapable of doing so.

A Stupid Appearance

The market will make you appear foolish time and time again, despite the fact that none of us wants to. Only you may be wrong about the market price, and being wrong is something most people try to avoid.

Closing Remarks

Successful forex trading requires a strong belief in one’s own abilities, a willingness to accept responsibility, and the self-discipline to trade according to one’s own set of rules, but for those who can cultivate these traits, the forex markets can provide a life-altering income.
Any astute investor knows the value of having instantaneous access to a full-service stock broker. In order to determine whether or not a stock is truly worth the hype it has received, it is wise to consult the extensive resources at your broker’s disposal before making a final investment decision. This is a key advantage of working with a full-service broker as opposed to an internet stock trading platform. A full-service broker will be able to provide you with more than just the bare bones of a stock’s fundamentals. They are likely aware of the latest developments concerning the company and the stock’s daily performance (are people buying or are people selling.) Moreover, they can provide you with information that has not yet been made public but to which they have exclusive access. A reliable stock broker is the most valuable resource for any investor.

If you have decided to invest on your own, there is still a lot of resources online to help you along the way. Many stock trading websites include not just a plethora of raw data regarding a stock’s short-term and long-term performance, but also guidance on how to interpret that data. There are dozens of charts, graphs, and readouts that attempt to provide some meaning to the data. One thing that these sites can not do is provide insight into how the data was gathered and how it might effect the stock’s future performance. This is pure conjecture, not data analysis, yet if your financial success depends on a stock’s future performance, then knowing its historical performance is of little use. Research can only provide some historical perspective on the stock.

In conclusion, a subscription to a daily newspaper, such as the Wall Street Journal, or at least access to their website, is a crucial research tool; however, it is important to keep in mind that millions of other people are reading the same information and, consequently, likely acting on the same trends that you are. Even if the financial newspaper of record will not provide you a “hot stock tip,” it can help you keep an eye out for important developments that may effect the market’s future performance.

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