Learn Mega-Orgasmic Abundance and Go Far Beyond Basic Sex Skills

Her body is flooded with orgasmic bliss, and she exclaims in a deafening roar. For an extremely lengthy period of time, she is crestridden by a second series of waves. After the third wave, the roaring surges continue and the cycle repeats. She blossoms open, further open, and even more open like a wave of euphoric flowering. When she reaches her limit, her lover pushes her further, and a never-ending onslaught of orgasmic waves washes over her for what feels like an age.

Staggering Fiction or… Reality?

That is pretty exciting, right? However, may this really be a lustful, wishful thinking? Maybe that is just another made-up pornographic fantasy. Or the climax of a cliched love story? Nothing could be further from the truth. It is happened to me, therefore I know it may happen to anyone. Frequently. This is just another night of fantastic sex for me and other mega-orgasmic women like me.

Experiences I have Had With Sexual Pleasure

To be clear, it was not always this way for me. In the beginning of my sexual experiences, I was not capable of achieving orgasms so easily or with such confidence. Having one orgasm was enough for me when I first tried partner sex, and like many other women, I had my doubts about whether I would ever get that far.

To become even moderately good at orgasm took me a long time, and to become mega-orgasmically proficient took much longer. The process of education was methodical and gradual. Step one took over a decade, but I finally figured out how to consistently experience sexual pleasure. In the years that followed, I found it immensely satisfying to learn that it was possible to experience multiple climaxes in a single evening. I felt like I would finally found the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. Thus, I was incredibly happy, proud, and motivated when I learned to have dozens of orgasms at once or to have them linger for many minutes at a time. Overjoyed, even! Even better, my business partners approved.

If I had to narrow it down to one reason why I teach sexuality, it would be this: I know how to come like a banshee, and I want everyone else to know how to do it, too. Understanding the concept of orgasmic abundance has been a wonderful confidence booster, sexual confidence booster, and relationship lubricant for me.
As the saying goes, “Purr-fect Practice Makes Perfect.”

There is nothing wrong with you if your orgasmic experience is not all fireworks. You just have not honed the skill of having orgasms readily available yet.

Please take note that I state that I acquired this skill. When did you last consider putting it in that light? The ability to have an orgasmic experience is something you acquire? You certainly do. Actually, a lot of your sexual behaviour is taught. If you can master this technique and apply it consistently, you can eventually experience arousal and climax from virtually any stimulus.

Sex Education

The gifted few, you may assume, are the only ones with such skills. I formerly believed this, but now understand that even the vast majority of mega-orgasmic individuals were not born with such traits. Eventually, they figured out how to reliably appear in this manner.

Is it possible to teach oneself to show up anytime you like? Is it possible to have dozens of exciting peaks? Possibly you are thinking, “There is no way a regular person like me could pull that off.” Will I ever be able to master the art of the erection? This time, the reply is an unqualified “Yes!” I have learnt the secrets of achieving orgasmic prosperity and have shared my knowledge with a wide audience.

Our sexuality is something we continue to learn about and develop throughout our lives; this is a major concept of the Wholistic Sexuality TM approach and something I cover in many of my seminars. You can open the door to conscious learning and the pleasures of orgasmic abundance once you realise you can teach yourself these inner abilities and train your sensual responses.

Even you can master the art of orgasmic performance. Like mastering a new language or instrument, developing enhanced sexual receptivity takes practise. Building your orgasmic competence and realising your mega-orgasmic potential involves time, practise, a receptive partner, and encouragement. It is true that you will have to put in a lot of time practising (boo! ), but I assure you that your efforts will pay off in the end. You will realise how worthwhile it was to indulge in hours of practise when you are washed away by waves of orgasmic ecstasy.

You can greatly enhance your experience of deep fulfilment and happy well-being by investing in mastering your own sexuality. Although convenient orgasms may be seductive, they contain no calories and are completely safe and cost nothing. I can tell you from experience that nothing can compare to a steady supply of satisfying sexual activity to keep your mood bright, your stress at bay, and your radiant happiness at an all-time high. Always bear in mind that “an orgasm a day” will keep the doctor away. When you say “and,” do you mean “and, thirty or forty?” That might fix everything, so that is good news.

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